Google Compute Engine

glcoud sdk 설치:

GCE - Google Compute Engine

GCE 개요 svg // TODO

gcloud login (로그인)

$gcloud auth login 로그인 한다.

프로젝트 설정

$gcloud config set project PROJECT_ID


compute instance 생성

$gcloud compute instances create test-instance-1 --zone us-central1-a


Created [[projeectID]/zones/us-central1-a/instances/test-instance-1].

instance list

$gcloud compute instances list capture 2022-01-31 AM 10 26 14

gcloud compute instances list | grep tutor  ✔
tutor-us us-central1-a e2-medium RUNNING
tutor-europe europe-west6-a e2-medium RUNNING
tutor-toronto northamerica-northeast2-a e2-medium RUNNING


$gcloud compute ssh --zone us-central1-a tutor-us

capture 2022-01-31 AM 10 28 35

sdk  ~  gcloud compute ssh --zone us-central1-a tutor-us  ✔
Updating project ssh metadata...⠛Updated [].
Updating project ssh metadata...done.
Waiting for SSH key to propagate.
Warning: Permanently added 'compute.3026694066933510101' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
Welcome to Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-1062-gcp x86_64)
* Documentation:
* Management:
* Support:
System information as of Mon Jan 31 01:28:20 UTC 2022
System load: 0.0 Processes: 110
Usage of /: 17.5% of 9.52GB Users logged in: 0
Memory usage: 5% IP address for ens4:
Swap usage: 0%
* Super-optimized for small spaces - read how we shrank the memory
footprint of MicroK8s to make it the smallest full K8s around.
0 updates can be applied immediately.
New release '20.04.3 LTS' available.
Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it.